Video Tutorial: Garlic-Lime Facial Treatement

I suffered from acne when I was younger. This experience has not only left me emotionally bruised but it has left little scars on my face too. Even my skin tone changed since my skin was so bruised. I tried different laser treatments, chemical peelings, dermabrasion, fillers and needling. After all of this not working I came to the conclusion that it must be the doctors’ fault. They weren’t skilled enough. So I thought to find a talented one amongst the really expensive plastic surgeons.

What I learned from this experience is that nothing and no one can heal you – except for time and patience. The only creams and treatments that will provide help for us (as humans) are the ones provided by nature and not the ones provided by chemistry. It took me a long time to realize this but I have. And I understand how important this lesson was for me in my life – in order to feel good about myself, to accept myself and to love my beautiful self. You need to know this too. Take care of you. #KeepUpTheGoodness

This healthy, homemade facial treatment helps me weekly to even out my skin tone, reduce red spots and acne scars. All you need:

  2. ½ LIME

See the video tutorial:


How to use:

  1. press one garlic clove into a bowel
  2. press the juice out of half of the lime
  3. pore the juice into the bowel with garlic
  4. let it settle for 10 min
  5. take cotton pads and dip them into the mixture
  6. now apply the soaked pads onto your face – rub in gently (careful around the eyes!!)
  7. wait 15 min
  8. wash your face with warm water and put olive or coco oil or shea butter on your face

Please be aware that this is going to burn because of the natural acids which were combined. If you have sensitive skin, please mix one spoon of olive oil in with the mixture (see point 4.)

For the hard core beauty experts: to reduce my acne scars I massage the mixture onto my face. After that I take the garlic pieces and put them on the scars. I leave the pieces on the scars for a half of minute because that baby burns. I wait for 15 min and then I wash my face with warm water, put olive oil on cotton pads and massage it onto my face.

Have fun seeing the results after only one treatment!


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