Video Tutorial: Banana – Coco Water – Milk – Booster

After I finished school I started working at a really exhausting job. The people are exhausting and so is the work itself. Nothing I ever imagined for myself or wish upon anyone else. But any who – I was really broken after a long day’s work. And the mornings were hell.

In particular it was the morning where I really thought I was losing it. My body and my sanity. I would wake up every morning dead tired…my eyes swollen…totally disoriented and the worst thing was: I couldn’t see properly. I couldn’t focus my eyes on anything the whole morning. This state of being additionally drained my energy on the job. The mornings were the worst. It didn’t even help if I ate something later in the morning. Well it did – but only for a short while. Then I would start feeling tired and drained again.

The problem I was having was my blood sugar. I had to find a way to regulate it. I decided to try something new. You see, I’m not a breakfast eater. And in the morning I’m super lazy and everything needs to be simple and happen quick. But I actually found something that even my lazy ass can manage to do in the morning.

It consist of three simple ingredients and two easy execution steps:

Ingredients:                                                                     Steps:

  1. BANANA                                                               1. PUT IN MIXER
  2. COCO WATER                                                     2. MIX
  3. (COCO) MILK

How much of what you put inside is up to you. See the video tutorial below…


After drinking this mix every morning for about a month, my body regulated itself and I lost all of the problems I was having in the morning – especially the one about my vision. I was so happy I just kept on going and drinking this natural booster. It happens to have more good side effects: My skin is clearer and I am more energized throw-out the whole day. Take care of you too. #KeepUpTheGoodness



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