Natron & Water Facial Cleanse

So for years now the skin on my face was very different than the skin on my body. My body has beautiful clean and clear skin. But my face…that – is a whole other story. My face has for years now been covered in small little pimples and spots. I tried cutting sugar out my diet and integrating food that was supposed to be good for my skin. I tried different chemical cleansers. I went to cosmetologists – but nothing seemed to really help.

Since my sister’s and mine awakening we have tried using different herbs and natural remedies for internal and external use. One of them being NATRON (soda bicarbonate or baking soda). Put a tea spoon of that in a small cup with a gulp of water – stir it – and apply to any area of your body – and wash off after 15 min. It will do wonders. What it did for me is, it cleared my face and removed all spots and pimples – within days.

See the video:


Later I even found out that natron is anti-fungal – it is a natural disinfectant. Maybe what I had on my face weren’t pimples – maybe it was some kind of a fungal infection. All I know is I was super happy it was gone. Not only that but natron even smooths out my wrinkles and provides my skin with a shiny glow. It is amazing. And if you sprinkle some of it over your food whilst cooking or put some in your water – it will alkaline it. Didn’t I tell you it was amazing? Learn to take care of you too. # KeepUpTheGoodness

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