Fresh & Healthy Gums

So here is an interesting story. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning – and the lady told me I had inflamed gums. So far inflamed the next stage was periodontists! Aaaaaaaaaah!!! You know, this illness where your gums start eroding. That was not good. And I just like to “munch” in bed in the evenings so much!!!

The doctor wanted to proscribe me a lot of stuff to try get my gums healthy again but didn’t have much hope. I was somehow for sore I could do it with natural treatments. All I agreed upon was the floss. I guess that one is inevitable… The doctor wanted to see me again within a month.

So I took all the discipline I had in me and straight brushed and flossed my teeth every day several times. In the evening after cleaning them I applied tee tree oil and after that coco oil. Aaaaaand – I cut back on the eating in bed in the evening. The next time I went to the dentist – the lady was in shock. My so called signs of periodontitis were gone and my gums almost as good as new.

See the video tutorial.


To keep it like that I use the tee tree oil treatment three times a week. And on the other dais I use the coco oil treatment after brushing my teeth with normal tooth paste. My breath smells fresh, my mouth feels fresh and my gums are super healthy. You need to take care of you. #KeepUpTheGoodness

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